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Highlight U Productions Photography



Our event photographers can capture compelling, proficient images of individuals and groups at significant occasions in their lives. Events such as corporate functions, fashion shows, concerts, and parties. Any special moment you can think of, we can capture it.



We offer a variety of photography administration services geared toward advertising and publication utilization. Highlight U Productions photographers have educational backgrounds in marketing, advertising and visual communication, which make an impeccable combination for editorial photography.

Commercial Real Estate


Commercial photography can include anything done in specific industries such as construction, assembly lines, operations, oil fields and more. We serve the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex and other cites throughout the state of Texas. 

Residential Real Estate


We provide photography services for commercial and consumer real-estate. This includes everything from office complexes, hotels, apartments and homes.



We offer professional, commercial, consumer and corporate portraits, as well as headshot photography for businesses, actors, models and musicians. We bring the studio to you and can shoot either in the office setting or with a background. On location we'll give you the opportunity to look and survey the photos on camera and verify everything is to your preferring.



We can provide you with product photography in merchandize, clothing, electronics, culinary and food, beverage and drink photography and even deserts. We can either bring the studio to you or pickup the product and returned within a week.

Actors, Models & Music Artists


We are able to film and do photo shoots in the same day. We have found that this is very helpful for the artists we work with. Actors and models have an opportunity to signup with Highlight U Productions; get headshots, portraits, and even on-video interviews for their portfolios. When signing up with us the client is automatically admitted into our database that makes them eligible to receive work from us and discounts on future projects.

Behind The Scene

This is just a small sample of how some of our projects have been setup to meet expectations for our clients.

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